Commercial Litigation


Construction Disputes and Defective Work

Construction disputes and defective work litigation can have significant consequences by costing contractor’s money and time as well as interfere with the ability to complete additional contracts. If you are involved in a construction dispute it is important to protect your legal rights, your business, or your property investment by contacting a knowledgeable attorney. Construction disputes may involve disputes such as:

  • Subcontractor disputes;
  • Contractor disputes;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Design defects;
  • Defective work;
  • Contractor liens;
  • Construction defects such as unsafe wiring, leaking windows, poor design, building code violations, weak foundations, and poor workmanship;
  • Breach of contract in cases where the builder or contractor fails to complete the project as agreed-upon or other substantial failure;
  • Breach of warranty; and
  • Negligence and fraud in which the builder deliberately misrepresented the quality of the completed project or when the supplier negligently provided substandard materials or workmanship.

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