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Estate Disputes

Estate Disputes

Estate Disputes Our attorneys provide representation on a broad range of probate and estate law litigation services including estate disputes for people in the West Georgia area and throughout Georgia. If you have lost a loved one and are involved in or facing an estate dispute, the attorneys at Shadrix & Parmer, P.C. can help alleviate the burden you face by assisting you through this difficult time.Our attorneys provide representation on conflicts that arise when people disagree about their rights in a decedent’s estate. We handle disputes against estates and on behalf of estates in such situations as the following:

  • Estate disputes as to the validity of a will;
  • Estate disputes about the terms of a will;
  • Estate disputes concerning the competence of the creator of the will;
  • Estate disputes concerning the status of a person as an heir or beneficiary;
  • Estate disputes of claims of a surviving spouse who is not provided for in a will;
  • Estate disputes regarding questions as to the asset ownership that was transferred prior to death;
  • Estate disputes involving breach of fiduciary claims against an executor or administrator;
  • Estate disputes involving surcharge actions or fiduciary misconduct; and
  • Intestate succession estate disputes when there is no will.

The attorneys at Shadrix & Parmer, P.C. will discuss your options with you and help achieve resolutions that protect your rights.

If you need legal assistance regarding an estate dispute in Georgia, contact the law firm of Shadrix & Parmer, P.C. We charge competitive rates and will work around your schedule, including evening and weekend schedules by appointment. To contact us, call 770-830-0809.