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Medicaid Planning / Medicaid Eligibility

The attorneys at Shadrix & Parmer, P.C. assist individuals and families in understanding the complexities of Medicaid laws and rules.


The laws surrounding Medicaid eligibility are complex, and you should consult an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to address issues and provide you with a comprehensive strategy tailored to your individual situation. Medicaid planning is a process of working within all applicable laws to reallocate your assets in such a way that those assets will be excluded by Medicaid when determining your eligibility for Medicaid benefits. Through asset preservation, implementation of a Medicaid plan allows a nursing home resident continued access to the many things not otherwise covered by nursing home Medicaid.Medicaid choices are just too important to leave to chance.

Benefits of Medicaid Planning:

  • Optimize healthcare options in a nursing home or other care;
  • Preserve assets and long-term savings;
  • Utilize cost-effective options; and
  • Access to funds to provide for needs not covered by Medicaid.

If you or a loved one has questions about Medicaid planning and Medicaid eligibility, we encourage you to contact an attorney at Shadrix & Parmer, P.C. to discuss your situation. For knowledgeable and diligent legal assistance, contact the attorneys at Shadrix & Parmer, P.C. To contact us, call 770-830-0809.