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Commercial Real Estate Closings

Commercial Real Estate Closings

The buyers and sellers of commercial property face numerous challenges and need to make dozens of crucial decisions before and during closing. Where will you borrow the purchase money, and under what terms? Can the property you are purchasing be used for the purpose intended? And is the seller’s ownership of the property undisputed, or do other parties also assert full or partial ownership?

It is possible that the property you plan to purchase needs to be refitted for its planned purpose, or that your lender is open to negotiations to significantly improve the terms of your loans. We can handle the full details of your transaction while protecting your interests and rights. Further, commercial property transactions can take weeks and even months. They are time consuming, risky and highly detailed.

The attorneys at Shadrix & Parmer, P.C. can assist you on matters such as:

  • Title insurance. The purchase of title insurance protects buyers and sellers. Further, we can serve as your title insurance agent.
  • Acreage. Lack of acreage can hold up a purchase or construction. We can work to prevent and resolve acreage issues.
  • Access. Without proper legal access, property owners and purchasers can face serious financial loss.

If you need legal assistance regarding commercial real estate closings, contact the law firm of Shadrix & Parmer, P.C. at 770-830-0809.