Family Law


Post-Divorce Issues, such as Contempt Action

If your former or current spouse has disregarded the terms of a court order, he or she may be found in contempt, the consequences of which go beyond simple fines. If your spouse is found in contempt, he or she could be required to pay damages, attorney’s fees and could even face jail time. The stigma of being found in contempt will also likely be taken into consideration should any further disputes arise between you and your former spouse. Because of the severity of a contempt of court charge, it is a highly effective way to help you enforce court orders that have been disregarded by your spouse.

The attorneys at Shadrix & Parmer, P.C. will take you through the steps necessary to be effective in proving your spouse is in contempt of a court order. This process generally involves:

  • Drafting of a warning letter;
  • Maintaining thorough documentation of all instances and evidence of contempt;
  • Filing a contempt action with the court; and
  • Attending a contempt hearing.

Also, if a spouse has filed a contempt action against you, you have a number of defenses available to you to protect you from a court finding you in contempt. Contact the attorneys at Shadrix & Parmer, P.C. to discuss these defenses with you.

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